Halley Young

halleyy at seas dot upenn dot edu

I am a first-year PhD student at University of Pennsylvania. I work in the programming languages group under the guidance of Mayur Naik. My research interests include the intersection of computer science and music theory, program synthesis and repair, and software engineering.

With regards to music, my current research interest (still fluctuating) is: How can we understand music as the output of programs? What would a programming language that describes music look like? How would we analyze programs in this language? Are there properties of "good" music (parameterized by some reasonable definition of "good") that can be attributed to certain programs?

With regards to software engineering, my interests are also evolving, but I'm currently working on transforming arbitrary Python programs to make them do better on a given test suite, either in terms of performance time or number of tests passed.

For my CV, click here.