Harjot Gill


Update - I am joining Gencore Systems as Chief Technology Officer. Gencore Systems is a spin-off from NetDB@Penn research group.

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I am a 3rd year Doctoral Student in the Computer and Information Science department at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to Penn, I worked for 3 years at Alcatel-Lucent in Mobile Next-generation networks organization.

My research areas include declarative technologies, multicore systems, distributed and fault-tolerant systems and Software-defined networking technologies. I am advised by Professor Boon Thau Loo and I am affiliated with NetDB@Penn research group.

Contact information:

Email: gillh@seas.upenn.edu

Phone: 215-900-0137


Distributed Systems Laboratory (Moore 102)

Dept. of Computer and Information Science

University of Pennsylvania

200 South 33rd Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6389, USA

Last Updated: 20th Dec, 2013