Eric Cronin

Graduate Student, Computer and Information Science

Eric Cronin

Department of CIS
University of Pennsylvania
3330 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

'ecronin' . '@' . '' [PGP]



My research interests fall under the broad umbrella of computer and network security. Recently I have looked at the limitations of network eavesdropping, the sources of leaked movies on the Internet, and forward-secure signatures. For a complete list of past research, please consult my Curriculum Vitae [pdf] or listing of publications and presentations [html | bib]


I am currently co-instructing CSE 381. In the past I have been a TA for CSE 380, CSE 381, and CIS 551.

Office: 461 GRW
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 1500-1600


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