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Xerox Arabic Home Page

Welcome to the UPenn copy of Kenneth R. Beesley's Arabic Home Page at the Xerox Research Centre Europe in Grenoble, France.

Arabic Morphological Analysis and Generation

We are pleased to announce the "Pre-Release" of an Arabic Morphology System, built using Xerox Finite-State Technology, that accepts typed Modern Standard Arabic words and returns morphological analyses and English glosses. Arabic words are displayed in genuine Arabic orthography using Java applets.

Work in Progress

This Pre-Release Version represents work in progress, largely untested, and it is being offered temporarily on the Internet as an experiment. It is made available with no guarantees or promises of any kind, and the usual legal notices apply. The developers sincerely solicit your feedback to help find errors, omissions, and ways of making the system easier to use and more informative. Once a problem is clearly identified, it is usually quite easy to fix.

We wish to thank all of those who have already responded with error reports, suggestions, and kind encouragement. We are aware that some users continue to have access problems, and we would be grateful for any information that might lead us to a solution.

Browser Quirks

Some Mac and PC browsers annoyingly require that you mouse-click (once) in the applet field before they will respond to keystrokes from your physical keyboard.

Run Arabic Java-Powered
Requires a Java-enabled browser.

Related Papers by Kenneth R. Beesley

Arabic Finite-State Morphological Analysis and Generation. Proceedings of COLING'96, August 5-9, 1996, Copenhagen. Postscript, 6 pages, 136k bytes.

Arabic Morphological Analysis on theInternet To appear in the proceedings of the 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Multi-lingual Computing, Cambridge, 17-18 April, 1998. Postscript, 10 pages, 115k bytes.

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