CIS 530 Fall 2013

Computational Linguistics


Ani Nenkova   (nenkova (AT)
Office Hour: Tuesday, 10:30AM - 11:30AM, Levine 505, or by appointment

Class Schedule:

Tuesday & Thursday, 9:00AM - 10:30AM, Moore 216

Teaching Assistants: :

Kai Hong   (hongkai1 AT   Office Hour: Wednesday, 11:00AM - Noon
Jessy Li   (ljunyi AT   Office Hour: Monday, 1:00PM - 2:00PM

TA Office hours will be held at Levine 5th floor lounge.

Useful Links:

We will use Canvas for course materials, homework, quiz, etc. ( [Link])
We will use Piazza for discussions. ( [Link])
Directions on how to submit homework on Eniac ( [Link])
Python Tutorial Slides ( [Link])
Tell python where to find NLTK from Eniac

Final Project Resource Page [link]

Final Project Leaderboard [link]

  • [REQUIRED] Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper, Natural Language Processing with Python --- Analyzing Text with the Natural Language Toolkit, O'Reilly Media, 2009. (Free Online)
  • [OPTIONAL] Daniel Jurafsky and James H. Martin Speech and language processing: An Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, and Speech Recognition, 2nd edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008. (Available on Amazon)
  • [OPTIONAL] Chris Manning and Hinrich Shutze, Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing, MIT Press, 1999. (Free Online)
  • [OPTIONAL] Chris Manning, Introduction to Information Retrieval, Cambridge University Press, 2009. ( [Link Available within Penn])
  • Various supplementary readings.