Waitlist Information: As of Jan 11, CIS 460/560 is full. Click here to sign up for the waitlist. Priority will be given to DMD and CGGT students, followed by other CIS/NETS undergraduates, followed by CIS/ROBO/EMBS graduate students, followed by non-CIS students (undergraduate and graduate).

Switching from CIS 460 to CIS 560: If you are already enrolled in CIS 460 and would like a permit to switch to CIS 560, please e-mail to request a permit for CIS 560. If you are not already enrolled in CIS 460, you will need to sign up for the waitlist.

Course Description

Welcome to {{FULL_COURSE}}: Introduction to Computer Graphics. This course covers the technical aspects of 3D Rendering, including viewing transformations, basic polygon and mesh data structures, scan conversion, texture mapping, and ray tracing. It will also introduce you to C++, the Qt Toolkit, OpenGL, and GLSL shaders.


{{FULL_COURSE}} assumes a programming background in Java and/or C or C++. CIS 121 and 240 or equivalent courses will be very helpful but are not required. The course does not assume any prior experience with C or C++. We also expect you to have a minimal background in linear algebra: you should at least be comfortable with matrix multiplication and determinants.


There is no required textbook for {{FULL_COURSE}}. We will be providing links to a series of helpful online resources, and may recommend some possible textbooks later in the semester.