About the minicourses

There are a variety of half-credit minicourses offered every semester.

All minicourses share the same lecture time slot. The common lecture is broad and cross-cutting and meets on Tuesdays at 6pm (location: Towne 100).

Recitations - Fall 2018

The material specific to each minicourse in covered in the recitation. The current list (along with meeting times and locations) is below:

Course Number Recitation Instructor Meeting Times Location
CIS 192 - Python Programming Sumit Shyamsukha R 1.30-3pm Towne 305
CIS 194 - Haskell Palmer Paul R 4.30-6pm Towne 303
CIS 195-201 - iPhone App Development Stephanie Tang and Saurabh Vasil F 1.30-3pm Towne 315
CIS 195-202 - Android App Development Anton Relin and Tristrum Tuttle R 6-7.30pm Towne 313
CIS 196 - Ruby on Rails Web Development Desmond Howard and Sanjana Sarkar F 12-1.30pm Towne 319
CIS 197 - Javascript Abhinav Suri F 12-1.30pm Towne 337
CIS 198 - Rust Programming Omar Navarro Leija W 10.30am-12pm Towne 305

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take more than one minicourse in the same semester?
    Yes! Please fill out the time conflict petition form (for the shared lecture) and have the course instructor (Swapneel or Joe) sign it.

  • The minicourse I'm interested in is full - is there a waitlist?
    The waitlist policy may vary across the various minicourses. Please go to the first recitation and contact the recitation instructor for details.

  • Will there be recitations during the first week of classes?
    Yes - depending on the lecture/recitation scheduling, some recitation sections may start before the first lecture.

  • Which section of CIS 195 should I take?
    Starting in Spring 2017, there are now two sections of CIS 195. Section 201 is for iOS programming, and section 202 for Android. Please be sure to register for the correct section, as the course content is very different.

  • When will courses for next semester be listed?
    Courses for Fall are typically listed over the summer and courses for Spring are listed in early December.

Minicourse coordinators

Please contact Swapneel Sheth or Joe Devietti if you have any additional questions.