CIS 110 {{FULL_TERM}}: Introduction to Computer Programming

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Introduction to Computer Programming is the first course in our series introducing students to computer science. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of computer programming in Java, with emphasis on applications in science and engineering. You will also learn about the broader field of computer science and algorithmic thinking, the fundamental approach that computer scientists take to solving problems.

The website for Spring 2014 be found here: Fall 2013

The website for Summer 2014 be found here: Summer 2014



Fall 2014 Wait List Update: The wait list is now closed. If you have not been given a permit yet, we will be unable to offer you a spot in the course this semester. CIS 110 will be offered again in the Spring, and is usually offered in the Summer as well.


Office Hours Information: TA and Instructor office hours are now posted to the schedule page. Please read the information about ways to get help in the help menu for information about what kinds of questions to ask in the two types of office hours (as well as on piazza and via e-mail). You will also find the link for TA Office Hour Sign-In in the help menu.


Recitation Sign-Up: You can now sign up for recitations here. The link takes you to directions for signing up as well as a list of rooms and times. All requests received by 9:00 PM on Wednesday, September 3 will be treated equally. The first round of assignments will be made the night of September 3 or on September 4. The first recitations will not be until September 8/9. Note that you will only be able to sign up once we receive your lecture enrollment information from the registrar (we only get updates once a day). You will receive an e-mail when this happens.


Fall 2014 Wait List: We have two lecture sections of CIS 110 in the Fall, at 12:00 and 1:00. They are identical. As of today, both are completely full, and we have a wait list. Click here to sign up for the wait list, or to switch from one section to the other. We will update this announcement as more information becomes available, including the pace at which students are coming off the wait list. There is unlikely to be much or any movement until the semester starts.

Do not attempt to switch lecture sections without a permit! You will end up dropping your current lecture section without being able to sign up for the other one. Instead, sign up for the wait list. When a space becomes available (or another student wants to switch in the other direction) we will issue you a permit.

Permits to register or to switch sections will be issued as space becomes available. (Enrollments are more than 25% higher than at this time last year; we will strive to make space for everyone who is interested in taking the class this semester, but we are limited by the resources available to us.) Please direct questions to the wait-list to , but understand that there is essentially nothing we can tell you beyond the information on this page and the wait list itself.

If you are still wait-listed at the beginning of the semester, plan to attend lecture and recitation, and complete homework throughout the add period. Your ability to catch up if you have not been participating in the class from the start will be sharply limited.

Recitation information (Fall 2014): CIS 110 will have a weekly recitation. You will not sign up for recitation through PennInTouch! Instead, you will receive an e-mail around the start of the semester or during the first week of class with instructions. You will have a choice between a 1-hour recitation or a 2-hour recitation, depending on your preference. There will be a wide range of recitation times on Monday afternoons and evenings (starting at 2:00pm) and all day Tuesday.

Textbook (Fall 2014): The textbook for Fall 2014 will be "Introduction to Computer Programming in Java" by Sedgewick and Wayne, as in previous semesters. This book is readily available online, and will be available from the Penn bookstore. It is also fine to purchase a used copy or rent it.

Clickers! (Fall 2014): We will be using clickers as an in-class participation tool this Fall. See the policies page for more information.