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CIS 110

Practice Midterm
Practice Midterm

Assignment:   Your assignment this week is to take the practice midterm. You may use any resources you like to complete the practice midterm, and you may work in groups. However we recommend trying it first under normal exam conditions (closed book, no collaboration) so you have a good idea of what areas to focus on studying for the midterm. Keep in mind that this practice midterm is substantially longer than the real midterm will be.

Submission and grading:   This assignment is due on paper in recitation on Wednesday/Thursday, Februrary 22/23. If you are unable to attend your recitation, you should contact your TAs in advance. Your TAs will check off the questions that you have made some effort to answer. Each question is worth 1 point, up to a maximum of 10 (half the usual for a homework assignment), which means you can leave one question blank and receive full credit. The point values listed on the test are indicative of what they would be worth if this were an actual exam. Your answers do not have to be correct to receive credit. We will go over the questions in recitation and provide the answer key on Thursday night.

Solution: The solution set is now available.