CIS 542 - Summer 2011

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CIS 542 Homework Assignments

Lab assignments:

Assigned Due Date Topics Covered Solutions, notes, etc.
July 5 July 7

Model-driven development

  • Solution for Part 4 is in Blackboard under "Course Documents"
July 7 July 12

Data structures

July 12 July 19


July 19 July 21

Measuring code performance

July 21 July 28

Code analysis

July 26 Aug 2


This assignment is due at 11:59pm


Group project:

The full description of the group project is available here. Dates for individual milestones are listed below.

Date Milestone Notes
July 14

Back-end Prototype

  • You will work on this during the lab session but do not need to submit this deliverable.
July 28

Progress Report

  • This will consist of a meeting with the teaching staff during the lab session.
Aug 4

Front-end Prototype

  • This will consist of a demo to the teaching staff during the lab session.
Aug 11

In-class Presentation

  • Your group will do a 10-minute demo/presentation to the class.
Aug 14

Final Deliverables

  • All source code and documentation must be submitted by 11:59pm.