CIS 542 - Summer 2013

Group Project Final Presentation

June 26, 2013

Your demo and presentation should be around 10 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes at the end for questions and discussion. Please rehearse your demo/presentation and make sure you can complete it in 10 minutes! It is not necessary for every member of your group to speak during the demo.

The point of the demo is to show off your work, to impress the instructor, and to make your classmates feel bad because they're not as amazing as you are. A boring nine-minute PowerPoint presentation followed by a one-minute demo of an application that only half works is a surefire way to fail to do any of those things. Try to keep the PowerPoint to 2-3 minutes, and then spend the rest of the time showing all the cool features of your application and discussing how it works. You should do a live demo using the Android emulator or online simulator but, if possible, also show the app running on a physical device so we know it really works.

You may be asked about the results of your analysis, too. If you haven't done those yet, that's fine (since the documentation isn't due until two days later), but if you've already started, be sure to touch on your findings.

During the demo, also be prepared to show its robustness capabilities: what happens if the server is unavailable? What happens if a sensor loses power or its connection? The system should handle this "gracefully".

Updated: Wed 19 June 2013, 1:29pm