CIS 350 Software Design & Engineering

Spring 2014

Final Report

Your report should be a PDF that contains the following information:

1. The names of all members of your project group.

2. The list of user stories that you completed in the second iteration.

3. For user stories that were planned but not finished, explain why.

4. Describe any known bugs in the application.

5. Describe the tests that you wrote (just mention which classes/methods you tested). You should "adequately" test at least one non-trivial method in a class that uses the Android API, e.g. extends Activity, View, etc.

6. Describe any additional features that you would add if you had more time. These can be things that the customer asked for but did not get implemented; or, things that you thought of on your own as you were implementing the product.

7. If you could go back in time and start this project over again, what would you do differently? Were there mistakes that you made along the way? Or parts of the implementation that you underestimated?

8. Would you recommend working with this particular customer in a future offering of CIS 350? If not, explain why. Don't worry, I will keep it a secret.

9. Because you are not employees of the University, your group has copyright ownership of your code. So you are not obligated to release it to the customer. However, if you would like to do so, I am sure they would very much appreciate it. Please indicate in your report if it is okay to release the code to the customer. If not, please discuss this with one of the instructors.

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