Brent A. Yorgey

Current links

I will be a visiting assistant professor at Williams College for the 2014-2015 academic year!

About me

I’m a sixth-year PhD student in the Programming Languages group at Penn. My research interests lie broadly within the fields of programming languages and discrete mathematics, with particular interests in functional programming languages, embedded domain-specific languages, category theory, and combinatorics.

I am currently working with Stephanie Weirich on the theory of combinatorial species and its applications to the theory and practice of functional programming.

I also love communicating knowledge, which takes many forms—teaching, tutoring, giving talks, writing articles—and see it as a natural extension of my research.

Note: As a matter of personal discipline I often do not check my email before noon. If you need to contact me in the morning and it’s important that I get your message before noon, call me, send me a text, or talk to me in person.

Note to headhunters: I am not interested in positions in industry, especially in the financial sector. Please don’t contact me about job opportunities.