Book on Domains and Lambda Calculi

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We would like to announce the availability of a complete draft of the book



	Roberto Amadio	 and	Pierre-Louis Curien

The book contains the following chapters:

	1  Continuity and Computability
	2  Syntactic Theory of the lambda-calculus
	3  D-infinity Models and Intersection Types
	4  Interpretation of lambda-Calculi in CCC's
	5  CCC's of Algebraic Dcpo's
	6  The Language PCF
	7  Domain Equations
	8  Values and Computations
	9  Powerdomains
	10 Stone Duality
	11 Dependent and Second Order Types
	12 Stability
	13 Towards Linear Logic
	14 Sequentiality
	15 Domains and Realizability
	16 Functions and Processes
	   Memento of Recursion Theory
	   Memento of Category Theory

A more detailed index and preface, as well as the whole draft in
postscript format (550 pages) is available at:


Comments on this version will be very welcome, and this help will
be heartily acknowledged in the final version of the book, which  
will be completed by spring 1997.

	Roberto Amadio 		 and 	Pierre-Louis Curien
	amadio@gyptis.univ-mrs.fr	curien@dmi.ens.fr