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Call for Applications

EXPRESS: Expressiveness of Languages for Concurrency is an HCM
cooperation network which aims at investigating the interconnections
and relations between formal systems, ranging from languages for
concurrency to related axiom systems or rewrite systems. The network
activities are structured along the following five main themes:
 * process algebra
 * causality based semantics
 * communication mechanisms
 * higher order calculi
 * theory of embeddings.

EXPRESS is offering a number of visiting fellowships at doctoral or
post-doctoral level in the area of concurrency. The duration of these
fellowships is between 6 and 9 months (depending on sites); under
exceptional circumstances, the duration of the fellowships may be
reduced to a duration of 3 months. A starting date between January 1,
1997 and July 1, 1997 is required. Further information concerning
scientific contents, starting date, duration and allowance for the
positions may be obtained from the potential host institutes:  

Site: CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Contact: Jan Willem Klop (jwk@cwi.nl)
         Jan Friso Groote (jfg@cwi.nl)

Site: Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Contact: Alban Ponse (alban@fwi.uva.nl)

Site: Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Contact: Frits Vaandrager (Frits.Vaandrager@cs.kun.nl)

Site: INRIA Rennes, France
Contact: Eric Badouel (Eric.Badouel@irisa.fr)  
         Philippe Darondeau (Philippe.Darondeau@irisa.fr)

Site: INRIA Sophia-Antipolis,  France
Contact: Ilaria Castellani (ic@cma.cma.fr) 

Site: University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Contact: Matthew Hennessy (matthewh@cogs.susx.ac.uk)

Site: SICS, Kista, Sweden
Contact: Joachim Parrow (joachim@sics.se)
         Mads Dam (mfd@sics.se)

Site: University of Hildesheim, Germany
Contact: Ursula Goltz (goltz@informatik.uni-hildesheim.de)
         Arend Rensink (rensink@informatik.uni-hildesheim.de)
         Eike Best (eike.best@informatik.uni-oldenburg.de)

Site: University of Genova, Italy
Contact: Catuscia Palamidessi (catuscia@disi.unige.it)

Site: University of Roma, Italy
Contact: Anna Labella (labella@dsi.uniroma1.it)

Potential applications may also wish to consult the EXPRESS home page:


Applications are subject to HCM regulations, in particular:
  * applicants should be nationals of an EC member state excluding 
    Austria, Finland, Liechtenstein, Sweden;
  * the host institute may not be situated in the applicant's country
   of nationality. In addition applicants may not have carried out
   their normal activity in the country of the host institute for more
   than 18 months in the last 2 years;
  * applicants should  preferably be under the age of 35.

Please send your applications to the potential host institutes. 
Applications should include:   
  * a brief research proposal (maximum 1 page), 
  * a CV (with list of publications), 
  * the name and address of three referees.
Candidates who wish to apply to more than one site are asked to state
explicitly their order of preference and whether they wish to combine
two 1/2 year positions.  

Candidates are also required to send a notification of application to
the coordinator of the post-doc programme, Jan Willem Klop (jwk@cwi.nl).

Deadline for applications to be considered in the first round of
selections is December 1, 1996. Positions which are not filled during
the first round of selections will be re-advertised.