ICFP'97: update and final call for papers

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    International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP'97)
	          9-11 June 1997, Amsterdam

	|  Final call for papers, and draft programme  |

This message is a brief round-up of the current state of play
for the International Conference on Functional Programming 1997.

	****     Only 27 writing days left before  	****
	****  the main conference submission deadline!  ****
	**** 	    (Deadline 18 Nov 1996)		****

ICFP'97 will be an exciting conference, with two associated
workshops, a poster session, and opportunties to demonstrate
your software.  ICFP'97 is co-located with PEPM'97, which
follows immediately afterwards.

Call for submissions
Please consider submitting a paper to ICFP'97, or submitting a paper
to one of the associated workshops and poster session.  Their
deadlines are as follows:

				Deadline [URLs below]
ICFP'97 main conference		18 November 1996
Haskell workshop		14 February 1996
Types in Compilation workshop	10 January 1997
Poster session			1  February 1997

** For the main conference there are only 27 days left before 
   the submission deadline! Full details of the call for papers is at

** Professors, lecturers: please bring the poster session to the
			  attention of your students, both graduate 
			  and undergraduate.

Draft programme -- June 1997

Sat 7th			Haskell workshop
				John Launchbury
				[ACM approval pending]

Sun 8th			Types in Compilation workshop 
				Bob Muller & Bob Harper

Mon 9th - Weds 11th	Main conference

Tues 10th		Poster session
				Walid Taha

Thurs 12th - Fri 13th	Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation
				Charles Consel