paper available on typed pi-calculus and objects

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The paper below is now availabile from
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  Title: An interpretation of Typed Objects into  Typed pi-calculus
 Author: Davide Sangiorgi
   note: INRIA Technical Report RR-3000.

Abstract: An interpretation of Abadi and Cardelli's first-order
  functional *Object Calculus* into a typed pi-calculus is presented.
  The interpretation validates the subtyping relation and the typing
  judgements of the Object Calculus, and is computationally adequate.

  The type language for the pi-calculus is that in
 (Pierce-Sangiorgi,1993) --- a development of Milner's sorting
 discipline with I/O annotations to separate the capabilities of
 reading and writing on a channel --- but with *variants* in place of
 tuples.  Types are necessary to justify certain algebraic laws for
 the pi-calculus which are important in the proof of computational
 adequacy of the translation.

  The study intends to offer a contribution to understanding, on the
  one hand, the relationship between pi-calculus types and
  conventional types of programming languages and, on the other hand,
  the usefulness of the pi-calculus as a metalanguage for the
  semantics of typed Object-Oriented languages.