Ph.D. Studentships

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The University is offering 2 fully funded research studentships in computer
science leading to the award of a Ph.D. degree, commencing in October 1996,
or as soon as possible thereafter, for three years.

Applications are invited from high quality, well motivated students.
Candidates should have a first-class or good second-class honours degree.
Students with an M.Sc. or equivalent degree may also apply.

Students will receive maintenance allowances of 5050 UKpounds, and
University fees will be waived. Applicants must be U.K. or European
Community nationals.

Applicants in those areas of computer science of interest to staff in the
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science will be considered. These
areas are mainly in theoretical computer science and include, but are not
restricted to:

categorical logic; computational aspects of combinatorial group and
semigroup theory; computational complexity theory; design and analysis of
algorithms; finite model theory; formal languages; formal methods; graph
theory (pure, applied and algorithmic); operational and denotational
semantics; program logics; real-time and fault-tolerant systems; and type

More details can be found via the Departmental WWW entry whose URL is:

In the first instance, applicants should contact, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, 
one of:

Dr. Roy Crole,          email   r.crole@mcs.le.ac.uk
Prof. Iain A. Stewart,  email   i.a.stewart@mcs.le.ac.uk
Dr. Rick M. Thomas,     email   r.thomas@mcs.le.ac.uk 

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,
University of Leicester,
University Road,
LE1 7RH,
United Kingdom.

Dept Tel +44 (0)116 252 3884
Fax +44 (0)116 252 3604 or +44 (0)116 252 3915