Submit exceptional papers to JACM

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JACM is the flagship technical journal of the ACM. As recent additions
to the Editorial Board, we would like encourage the submission of
first-rate papers in the areas of programming languages and logic in
computer science, broadly construed.

Although the purpose of this message is to encourage submissions, JACM
still has a moderate backlog. Space constraints only allow for
publication of 3-5 papers per year in each of the main areas of
computer science. As a result, only a handful of the most exciting or
innovative papers from conferences like LICS, POPL, ICFP and PLDI
could be considered in any given year. Within these constraints, we
would like to see JACM cover as many active research areas as

Submissions may be in the form of postscript files, sent to the
Editor-in-Chief (see http://theory.lcs.mit.edu/~jacm/) or area editors
by electronic mail.  Paper submission is also possible.

Robert Harper (rwh@cs.cmu.edu)
John Mitchell (jcm@cs.stanford.edu)