Tech. Rep. on specialization inheritance and lambda-&-calculus

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Title: $\lambda$\&ESI-Calculus for Enhanced Strict Inheritance

Authors: P. Di Blasio, M. Temperini

Keywords: specialization, covariance, method lookup

We present a specialization inheritance mechanism for a 
strongly typed object-oriented language, called "Enhanced 
Strict Inheritance" (ESI).  
 It is a mechanism of classification in which the subclassing 
relation between classes reflects the subtyping relationship 
between the corresponding types.
 The definition of ESI is based on a covariant redefinition rule 
for methods.
 ESI is modeled via the lambda&ESI-calculus, a modification 
of the lambda&-calculus of overloaded functions due to 
Castagna, Ghelli and Longo. 
 In ESI hierarchies the only constraint to attribute redefinition
is covariance; any other restriction in redefinition rule and 
compatibility of result types in confusable methods is relaxed. 
 The ESI approach to method lookup is based on a peculiar notion 
of point of view for multiple inheritance, called "abstraction 
level": it drives the method lookup and possibly allow to avoid 
conflict problems.

(Tech.Rep. n.401 Feb.1995, IASI-CNR Roma)

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