A Type System for Gnome

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I would like to announce the following technical report, presented at
ECOOP96 Workshop on Proof Theory of Object-oriented Programming.

It is available at my web page:

A. Ravara and V. Vasconcelos: Operational Semantics and Type System
for Gnome on Typed Calculus of Objects


We present an operational semantics and a typing assignment system for
the concurrent object-oriented specification language GNOME, based on
a name-passing asynchronous calculus of concurrent objects, TyCO. The
operational semantics is given by a map encoding GNOME classes in TyCO
agents, and thus, objects (instances of classes) in processes
(instances of agents). We propose a general approach to implement
synchronous communication in an asynchronous process calculus, using
an operator of sequential composition and a commit-abort protocol,
achieving by this means the synchronization of all objects involved on
a transaction. We treat objects with internal animation, their dynamic
creation and deletion. Furthermore, the method generates a (decidable)
typing assignment system that ensures lack of runtime errors for
typable programs. The type of an agent certificates the communicating
protocol of the corresponding class.