Call for papers: POPL '97

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Dear colleague:

Please find enclosed the call for papers for POPL '97.  This call and
other information on POPL '97 is also accessible by WWW at
http://www.diku.dk/popl97/ and http://www.cs.umd.edu/~pugh/popl97/.  I
sincerely apologize if you receive more than one copy of this

With best regards,
Fritz Henglein

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				Call for Papers

              The 24th Annual ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on
                     Principles of Programming Languages

                     Paris, France, January 15-17, 1997

The 24th symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL97) will
address fundamental principles and important innovations and accomplishments
in the design, definition, analysis, and implementation of programming
languages, programming systems, and programming interfaces. Both practical
and theoretical papers on principles and innovations are welcome, including
both frameworks for them and reports on experiences with their use.

Papers on a diversity of topics are welcomed, particularly ones that point
out new directions. POPL97 is not limited to topics discussed in previous
symposia or to formal approaches. In particular, papers integrating new
principles into ``mainstream'' programming languages or widely used systems
are encouraged. Authors concerned about the appropriateness of a topic may
communicate by electronic mail with the program chair prior to submission.

A technical summary of a proposed paper is to be sent to the program chair.
The summary should be 5000 words or less, excluding bibliography and
figures. Excessively long summaries will be rejected immediately.

Papers will be judged on originality, significance, correctness, and
clarity. The summary should clearly express the contribution of the paper,
both in general and in technical terms. It is essential to identify what was
accomplished, explain its significance, and compare with previous work.
Authors should make every effort to make the technical content of their
papers understandable to a broad audience. If any author has published or
presented on a related topic in a journal or a previous conference, the
summary should explain how it advances such previous work. Some specific
suggestions for writing summaries are available from either of the two
(mirrored) world-wide web sites established for conference-related
announcements: http://www.cs.umd.edu/~pugh/popl97/ and

Papers must describe work not previously published or presented.
Simultaneous submission to POPL97 and another publication outlet (conference
or journal) is strongly discouraged, and may be grounds for rejection.

Submissions consist of 1: a 100-200 word ASCII abstract and 2: the summary
itself. These must be either (a) received electronically by 5:00 PM EDT,
Friday, July 12, 1996, or (b) sent by airmail and postmarked (not metered)
on or before Friday, July 5, 1996. In either case, receipt will be
acknowledged immediately. The web sites provide forms for automatic
electronic submission; alternatively, submissions may be sent by sending a
single e-mail message (containing both the ASCII abstract and Postscript
summary) to popl97@diku.dk. Electronic summaries should be in Postscript
form, which must be interpretable by Ghostscript, and use standard fonts.
For paper submissions sent by airmail, 15 copies (printed double-sided if
possible) must be provided.

These are firm deadlines; submissions not meeting (a) or (b) will not be
considered. Submissions must include a return postal address, a telephone
number, and an electronic mail address (if available). Notification of the
acceptance or rejection of papers: by Friday, September 13, 1996. Full
versions of the accepted papers must be received in camera-ready form by
Friday, October 25, 1996. Where possible, they should be sent to the program
chair in PostScript form for electronic publication. If LaTeX is used, the
``acmconf'' style file is recommended (suitable version available at the two
web sites.) Authors of accepted papers will be required to sign ACM
copyright release forms. Proceedings will be distributed at POPL97 and
subsequently be available for purchase from ACM Press.

As in previous years, focused technical workshops will be held in
conjunction with POPL97.

Program Chair				Local Arrangements Chair

Neil D. Jones				Radhia Cousot
DIKU, University of Copenhagen		LIX
Universitetsparken 1			Ecole Polytechnique
DK-2100 Copenhagen 			F-91128 Palaiseau cedex
Denmark					France
Email: neil@diku.dk			Email: radhia@lix.polytechnique.fr
Tel.:  +45-35321410			Tel.:  +33-1-69334595
Fax:   +45-35321401			Fax:   +33-1-69333014

	 		      General Co-chairs

Peter Lee				Fritz Henglein
Computer Science Department		DIKU, University of Copenhagen
Carnegie Mellon University		Universitetsparken 1
Pittsburgh, PA 15213			DK-2100 Copenhagen
USA					Denmark
Email: petel@cs.cmu.edu			Email: henglein@diku.dk
Tel.:  +1-412-268-3049			Tel.:  +45-35321402
Fax:   +1-412-268-5576			Fax:   +45-35321401

                              Program Committee

Alex Aiken, University of California, Berkeley, USA 
Harald Ganzinger, Max Planck Institute, GERMANY 
Alessandro Giacolone, ECRC, Munich, GERMANY 
Masami Hagiya, University of Tokyo, JAPAN  
Chris Hankin, Imperial College, London, ENGLAND 
Luddy Harrison, Connected Components, USA  
Laurie Hendren, McGill University, CANADA    
Manuel Hermenegildo, Univ. Politecnica, Madrid, SPAIN
Neil Jones, University of Copenhagen, DENMARK
Frank Pfenning, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
William Pugh, University of Maryland, USA
David Schmidt, Kansas State University, USA
Mary Sheeran, Chalmers Tech. University, SWEDEN
Doaitse Swierstra, Utrecht Univ., The NETHERLANDS