Reorg of half of Boole.Stanford.EDU

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Boole.Stanford.EDU, in whose /pub directory one can find the Structures
Directory, /pub/structdir, is also where you can find /pub/ABSTRACTS,
listing the abstracts of some fifty papers written by members of my
group over the past ten years, in chronological order.

About a third of these are on Chu spaces.  Their chronological order is
very little help for people hoping to learn more about Chu spaces from
them.  I've therefore reorganized the abstracts of those papers in the
form of a web-browsable guide, accessible as


The abstracts are grouped into Introductory (2), Applications (10),
Technical Notes (5), and Prehistory (5).  Each abstract includes a link
to the postscript file, which you can view and/or print if your web
browser knows about gzipped files (.gz) and Postscript (.ps).

I've only listed papers from Stanford, for related papers from
elsewhere see the bibliographies of the introductory papers.  Please
let me know of any difficulties you encounter with this guide.

Vaughan Pratt