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[As can be seen from the following, the Penn introductory course has
an unusually `typish' flavour, a development to be applauded.
-- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

		      University of Pennsylvania
		    Instructor in Computer Science

Applications are invited for an instructor position in Computer
Science, beginning July 1996.  Candidates from all areas of computer
science will be considered, although the principal selection criterion
will be demonstrated teaching and laboratory design ability rather
than research. The appointment is initially for one year, renewable
for up to three years.

The instructor will be primarily responsible for the laboratory
section of Programming Languages and Techniques, our introductory
undergraduate programming course for computer science majors.  This
course is a two semester sequence that teaches programming using three
programming languages: Scheme, SML, and C++ (with possibly some Java).
The goal is to teach language principles like semantics, types,
abstraction, and modular design while applying these principles in
laboratory exercises.  We are especially interested in applicants with
a knowledge and interest in the languages and topics of the course,
ability and enthusiasm for teaching programming, creativeness in
designing laboratory exercises, and good organizational skills.

The salary range is $38,000 to $46,000 depending on experience and
education.  These are 12 month appointments, with one month of

Demonstrated ability and strong interest in teaching undergraduates is
essential.  An M.S., M.S.E or Ph.D. is required, preferably in
Computer Science. Applicants should submit a resume and the names of
three references by May 8 to:

                  Dr. Susan B. Davidson
                  Department of Computer & Information Science
                  University of Pennsylvania
                  Philadelphia PA 19104-6389

E-mail submissions are ENCOURAGED.


The University of Pennsylvania is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
employer and actively solicits applications from women and minorities.