CADE-13 ATP System Competition

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         Thirteenth International Conference on Automated Deduction
                   Rutgers University, New Brunswick, USA
                          30 July - 3 August, 1996

                       CADE-13 ATP System Competition

                        FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

The CADE conferences are the major forum for the presentation of new
research in all aspects of automated deduction.  An ATP (Automated
Theorem Proving) system competition will be held in conjunction with
CADE-13.  The competition will be held on Thursday, 1 August, 1996.

The CADE-13 ATP system competition will evaluate the performance of
fully automated sound ATP systems, on 1st order CNF theorems chosen
from the TPTP Problem Library.  The evaluation will be in terms of the
number of theorems proved, and the time taken; in the context of a
specified time limit for each proof attempt, and a bounded number of
TPTP theorems.  Issues regarding competition categories, problem
selection, time limits, system execution, and performance evaluation
are explained in the competition WWW page:
Please note the following changes since the original competition
+ Propositional problems have been excluded
+ The pure equality category will contain only unit equality problems,
  and no other category will contain unit equality problems
It is expected that the competition will be run on SPARC 20 machines
with 50Mhz processors and at least 64MB memory, provided by the Center
for Computer-Aided Productivity.  The operating system is SunOS 4.1.3,
and the available languages are Gnu C, Sun Pro C, Allegro Common Lisp,
Eclipse Prolog, and BinProlog.

The competition is being organized by Christian Suttner and Geoff
Sutcliffe.  The competition will be overseen by a panel of
knowledgeable researchers who are not participating in the event; the
panel members are Peter Andrews, Alan Bundy, and Jeff Pelletier. The
panel will ensure that the competition is fair.  The competition
results will be published in a special issue of the Journal of
Automated Reasoning dedicated to the event.  The issue will include
contributions written by participants.

Registration for participation closes on 1 May 1996.  Please fill in
the registration form on the WWW page (or email one of the

The CADE-13 conference itself will be held from Wednesday, 31 July, to
Saturday, 3 August, 1996.  It will be held as part of the Federated
Logic Conference (FLoC'96) to be hosted by the Center for Discrete
Mathematics and Computer Science (DIMACS) at Rutgers University, New
Brunswick, New Jersey, USA, from Saturday, 27 July, to Saturday, 3
August, 1996.  As well as CADE, other conferences participating in
FLoC'96 will be CAV, (Conference on Computer-Aided Verification), LICS
(IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science), and RTA (Conference on
Rewriting Techniques and Applications).  The goal of FLoC is to battle
fragmentation of the technical community by bringing together
synergetic conferences that relate logic to computer science. Further
information about CADE-13 can be obtained from the Local Arrangements
Chair or from the CADE-13 world wide web site:

    ATP system competition organizers:
    Christian Suttner                        Geoff Sutcliffe
    Institut fuer Informatik                 Department of Computer Science
    TU Muenchen                              James Cook University
    D-80290 Muenchen                         Townsville, QLD 4811
    Germany                                  Australia

    Tel: [+49] 89-521098                     [+61] 77-815085
    FAX: [+49] 89-526502                     [+61] 77-814029
    Email: suttner@informatik.tu-muenchen.de geoff@cs.jcu.edu.au

    CADE-13 Program Co-Chairs:
    Michael McRobbie and John Slaney
    Centre for Information Science Research
    The Australian National University
    ACT  0200

    Tel: [+61] 6-249-2035
    Fax: [+61] 6-249-0747
    Email: cade13@cisr.anu.edu.au

    CADE-13 Local Arrangements Chair:
    Amy Felty
    AT&T Bell Laboratories
    Room 2A-425
    600 Mountain Avenue
    Murray Hill  NJ  07974
    United States of America

    Tel: [+1 ] 908-5824049
    Fax: [+1 ] 908-5827550
    Email: cade13-la@cisr.anu.edu.au