FOOL Workshop paper submission problem

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We had a fairly catastrophic failure of e-mail this morning and may have
lost some submisions for FOOL 3, The Third International Workshop on
Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages.

If you submitted a paper and have not received an acknowledgement from me,
please resubmit your paper to fool-submit@cs.williams.edu with a note to 
the effect that it is a resubmission.  For added safety send a separate note
to fool-info as we have also been experiencing some difficulty with some
mail host machines choking on long postscript files.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

	Kim Bruce, FOOL(ish) program chair

P.S.  This all comes from having a paper deadline on April Fool's day (U.S.
- and perhaps world - holiday in which people play tricks on each other).
I guess computers can get involved too!