NEC Research Symposium May 20-21

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                   Seventh Annual NEC Research Symposium


                               Princeton, NJ

                              MAY 20-21, 1996

NEC Research Institute is pleased to announce that the Seventh Annual
NEC Research Symposium will be held at the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal 
Village in Princeton, New Jersey on May 20 and 21, 1996.  The title of 
this year's symposium is, "Software Architecture for Large Systems." 
The Symposium will feature nine invited talks and a panel discussion. 
The speakers are:

o Robert Dewar, New York University, Ada Core Technologies, Inc.
 "Ada95 and Open Systems: A Recipe for Writing Reliable Software"

o David Gelernter, Yale University
  "'Lifestreams' as a System and a Software Architecture"

o Suresh Jagannathan, NEC Research Institute
  "Distributing Control"

o Masaru Kitsuregawa, University of Tokyo
  "Exploitation of Parallelism in Database Systems: 
   Implementation and Experience"

o Barbara Liskov, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  "Safe and Efficient Sharing in an Object-Oriented Database"

o Shin Nakajima, NEC C&C Laboratories, Kawasaki, Japan
  "Constructing OBJ Specifications with Object-Oriented Design Methodology"

o Atsushi Ohori, Kyoto University
  "An Approach to Type Inference Based Program Specialization"

o Simon Peyton-Jones, University of Glasgow
  "Compilation by Transformation: A Report From the Front Line"

o Bjarne Stroustrup, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ
  "Foundations for Native C++ Styles"

o Panel Discussion
  "Programming Languages and Systems for the Next 40 Years:
  Challenges and Expectations" 
  Robert Dewar, David Gelernter, Simon Peyton-Jones, Bjarne Stroustrup

Sessions will start at 8:45 am Monday, May 20, and will be scheduled
to finish at approximately 3:45 pm Tuesday, May 21.

There will be no contributed papers.  Registration is free of charge,
but space is limited. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come,
first-served basis. YOU MUST PREREGISTER. There will be no on-site
registration. To preregister by email, send a request to
symposium@research.nj.nec.com or visit the Symposium Web page:
http://www.neci.nj.nec.com/symposia/seventh.html.  Registrants will
receive an acknowledgment, space allowing. A request for registration
is also possible by regular mail to Mrs. Irene Parker, NEC Research
Institute, 4 Independence Way, Princeton, NJ, 08540.

Registrants are expected to make their own arrangements for
accommodations. Provided below is a list of hotels in the area
together with daily room rates. Please ask for the NEC Corporate Rate
when reserving a room.

Hotel			      Phone         Rate  Distance

Marriott Hotel, Princeton     609-452-7900  $129  Symposium hotel
Novotel Hotel, Princeton      609-520-1200    74  1 mile; shuttle service
Summerfield Suites, Princeton 609-951-0009    95  1 mile
Red Roof Inn, South Brunswick 908-821-8800    40  5 miles
Marriott Residence Inn, 
  Princeton		      908-329-9600    85  2 miles
Hyatt Regency, Princeton      609-987-1234   149  5 miles; shuttle service
Palmer Inn, Princeton         609-452-2500    80  5 miles; shuttle service
Holiday Inn, Princeton	      609-452-2499    79  1 mile; shuttle service