Postdoc: logic in computer science

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Postdoctoral Research Associate: Logic in Computer Science

I am planning to hire, beginning in September 1996 and possibly
earlier, a postdoctoral research associate with an interest in logic
in computer science. 

In particular, I am looking for a researcher with interests in
programming language theory, including lambda calculus, optimal
evaluation, linear logic, games semantics, type theory, constructive
mathematics, continuations, and functional programming.  Some
programming aptitude and an interest in algorithmics would be a good

Given that broad outline and general focus, the person would obviously
have an open agenda to pursue whatever research topics he or she found

The term of this appointment would be for one year, with an extension
for a following year contingent upon funding.

Please pass on this announcement to individuals that you think would
be interested.  Candidates should contact me by email, and include a
vita with the email addresses of at least two references.

Harry Mairson
Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
Brandeis University
Waltham, Massachusetts 02254

email: mairson@cs.brandeis.edu
WWW:   http://www.cs.brandeis.edu/~mairson