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M. P. Fiore, A. Jung, E. Moggi, P. O'Hearn, J. Riecke, G. Rosolini and
I. Stark:

Domains and Denotational Semantics: History, Accomplishments and Open

>From the introduction:

In this collection we try to give an overview of some selected topics
in Domain Theory and Denotational Semantics. In doing so, we first
survey the mathematical universes which have been used as semantic
domains. The emphasis is on those ordered structures which have been
introduced by Dana Scott in 1969 and which figure under the name
\emph{(Scott-) domains}. After surveying developments in the concrete
theory of domains we describe two newer developments, the axiomatic
and the synthetic approach. In the second part we look at three
computational phenomena in detail, namely, sequential computation,
polymorphism, and mutable state, and at the challenges that these pose
for a mathematical model.