ELP'96: Call for Participation

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[Linear logic is among the subjects treated at this conference.
-- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

                       %%   Call for participation    %%
                       %%        ELP'96 workshop      %%

                         5th International Workshop on
                        Extensions of Logic Programming
                                Leipzig (Germany)
                                March 28-30, 1996

The registration fee is 200 DM for non-students and 100 DM for students,
payable in cash upon arrival. It includes the proceedings volume (Springer
LNAI), which will be available at the beginning of the conference.

Further information concerning the scientific program, travel and
accomodation, as well as the registration form can be obtained through the


or by e-mail from:


Roy Dyckhoff      Heinrich Herre       Peter Schroeder-Heister