Postdoc positions

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          Postdoctoral Fellows in Logic and Computation

The Institute for Research in Cognitive Science (IRCS) at
the University of Pennsylvania provides opportunities for several
postdoctoral positions in Cognitive Science.

The Institute brings together researchers in the common
pursuit of an understanding of the human mind, and fosters the
development of new technology arising from this understanding.
Over 40 Penn faculty members across 5 departments are currently
associated with IRCS, linking together the disciplines of
computer and information science, linguistics, mathematical
logic, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology.

The Logic and Computation Group at Penn participates in IRCS and
has strong ties with the disciplines listed above. Areas of current
interest to the group include:

       Analysis of Concurrency
       Computational Biology
       Computational Logics
       Logic and Complexity
       Mathematical Semantics of Programming Languages

Penn faculty in the logic and computation group include:

      Peter Buneman    (peter@cis.upenn.edu)
      Peter Freyd      (pjf@saul.cis.upenn.edu)
      Jean Gallier     (jean@cis.upenn.edu)
      Carl Gunter      (gunter@cis.upenn.edu)
      Aravind Joshi    (joshi@cis.upenn.edu)
      Sampath Kannan   (kannan@cis.upenn.edu)
      Insup Lee        (lee@cis.upenn.edu)
      Dale Miller      (dale@cis.upenn.edu)
      Andre Scedrov    (andre@saul.cis.upenn.edu)
      Katherine StJohn (stjohn@math.upenn.edu)
      Val Tannen       (val@cis.upenn.edu)
      Tandy Warnow     (tandy@cis.upenn.edu)
      Scott Weinstein   (weinstein@cis.upenn.edu)

For further information about IRCS and logic and computation, 
please see

If you have appropriate qualifications and have interests in the
subjects described above, you are invited to apply for an IRCS
postdoctoral fellowship.  To apply, please send a cover letter
indicating your proposed research, including a statement about how you
would benefit from working in our interdisciplinary environment, your
resume, and have two or three referees send letters of reference
directly to:

             Postdoctoral Fellow Selection Committee
             Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
             University of Pennsylvania
             400C 3401 Walnut Street
             Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228

      The deadline for applications is February 1, 1996. 

The University of Pennsylvania is an Affirmative Action/Equal
Opportunity Employer.