CADE-14 Program Chair

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To the CADE Community:

The CADE Trustees have carefully considered a number of outstanding
scientists in the automated deduction field for the position of
CADE-14 Program Chair.  The CADE-13 Program Committee provided a
number of suggestions which were all examined and weighed.  After
considerable discussion, the post was offered to Bill McCune.  The
Trustees are delighted to report that he has accepted.

Information about CADE-14 can be found on the WWW ...

Geoff Sutcliffe
Local Arrangements Chair

Geoff Sutcliffe
Department of Computer Science    Email : geoff@cs.jcu.edu.au
James Cook University             Phone : +61 77 815085/814622
Townsville, Australia, 4811.      FAX   : +61 77 814029