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                        UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM
                       SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE

                           Research Fellowship 

Applications are invited for a two year Research Fellowship in the
School of Computer Science. The post has arisen due to the recent
appointment of Professor Achim Jung to head the Theory of Computation
group within the School. The successful candidate is expected to work
with one of the members of the Theory group, which currently
comprises Michael Huth, Achim Jung, Marta Kwiatkowska, Valeria de
Paiva, Eike Ritter and Mark Ryan.

Please refer to the URL


for a detailed description and an application form.

If you have difficulties accessing these files or/and have any other
questions then please contact

        Achim Jung (A.Jung@cs.bham.ac.uk)
        Marta Kwiatkowska
                   (+44 (0)121 414 7264;