CFP: Goedel'96 -- August 25-29, Brno, Czech Republic

[Since it is relevant, I am distributing this conference announcement.
-- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers 

On the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of Kurt Goedel,
an international conference entitled 

             -- Kurt Goedel's Legacy (GOEDEL'96)

will take place on August 25-29, 1996, in Brno, Czech Republic 
(the birthplace of Kurt Goedel). 

Aims and topics: 

 The aim of the conference is to pay tribute to Kurt Goedel 
 by arranging a scientific event presenting a forum for papers
 relevant to foundational aspects of Logic in Mathematics, Computer
 Science, Philosophy and Physics -- areas influenced by Kurt Goedel's
 work. Original scientific papers are sought for the conference, as
 well as research work in history connected with Goedel's work. 
 A session is planned to honour Professor Hao Wang, one of Goedel's
 closest collaborators, who died on May 13, 1995. 


 The conference is organized by Masaryk University (Organizing Committee 
 chaired by J.Zlatuska) in co-operation with the Institute of Computer 
 Science of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and with 
 the international Kurt Goedel Society (based in Vienna). 


 ASL -- Association for Symbolic Logic
 EACSL -- European Association for Computer Science Logic

Programme Committee: 

 Z. Adamowicz, Warsaw
 J. Bicak, Prague
 L. Bukovsky, Kosice
 D. de Jongh, Amsterdam
 J. Grygar, Prague
 E. Koehler, Vienna
 J. Krajicek, Prague
 P. Hajek (chair), Prague
 A. Leitsch, Vienna
 D. Mundici, Milano
 G. Mueller, Heidelberg
 J. Paris, Manchester
 C. Parsons, Harvard

Invited Speakers include: 

    M. Baaz,  S. Feferman,  B. Kushner, M. Magidor,  C. Parsons, 
    P. Pudlak,  W. Sieg,  G. Takeuti,  A. Visser. 

Contact addresses: 

Programme and submissions (full draft papers): 

 Petr Hajek
 Institute of Computer Science
 Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
 Pod vodarenskou vezi 2
 182 07 Prague
 Czech Republic

 e-mail: goedel96-program@uivt.cas.cz
 telephone: +42-2-66051111, +42-2-66414244, +42-2-66413418
 fax: +42-2-8585789


 Jiri Zlatuska
 Faculty of Informatics
 Masaryk University
 Buresova 20
 602 00 Brno
 Czech Republic

 e-mail: goedel96@informatics.muni.cz
 telephone: +42-5-41213125, +42-5-41211646, +42-5-41213219
 fax: +42-5-41212747

WWW: http://www.fi.muni.cz/~zlatuska/goedel96.html 

Important dates: 

 Submission deadline: January 14, 1996 (the anniversary of Goedel's death)
 Acceptance/rejection notices: March 21, 1996
 Final versions of papers due: April 28, 1996 (Goedel's birthday)
 Conference dates: August 25-29, 1996