Programme of the 1st Tbilisi Symposium on LLC

[Since it is relevant, I am distributing this conference announcement.
-- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

Programme of the 1st Tbilisi Symposium on Logic, Language and Computation
19-22 October, 
Gudauri, Georgia.

A selection of papers from the conference will appear in the Lecture
Notes series published by CSLI.

Thursday, 19 October

Session I: Applied Logic. 

9:30 Invited Talk:    `Concepts, contexts, and non-monotonic reasoning'
Peter G\"ardenfors (Lund University, Sweden)

10:30  Oliver Lemon:  (University of Edinburgh, Scotland) `First-order
Theory Change systems and their Dynamic Semantics.' 

11:00 Camilla Schwind:  (CNRS, Marseille, France)`A Logic-based framework
for Action Theories.'

Coffee break

12:00 Carl Vogel: (IMS, Stuttgart, Germany)`A Generalizable Semantics for
an Inheritance Reasoner.'

12:30 Michael Bejanishvili:  (Georgian Academy of Sciences, Georgia)
Knowladge, Belief, Entailment.


Session II: Formal Semantics.

2:30 Rodger Kibble:   (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)`Modal
subordination, focus and complement anaphora.'

3:00 Pascal Amsili and Anne Le Draoulec: (Universite Paul
Sabatier, France)`An account of negated sentences in DRT .'

3:30 Sheila Glasbey:  (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)`A Situation
Theoretic interpretation of bare plurals.'

Coffee break

4:30 Eter Soselia:    (Institute for Oriental Studies, Tbilisi)`Some
Remarks about semantics and Evolution of Basic Color Terms Systems.'

5:00 Pat Healey:   (University of Manchester, England)`Reconciling
Cognition and Content.'

5:30 Invited Talk:   Robin Cooper (University of Edinburgh/Gothenburg
 University) (TBA)

7:30  Dinner

Friday, 20 October:

Session III:  Linguistics. 

9:00 Invited Talk:  Hans Uszkoreit  (Universit\"at des Saarlandes,
Germany) (TBA)

10:00 Louise McNally: (Ohio State University, USA)`On recent formal
analyses of ``topic''.'

10:30 Maya Sachokiya:  (Institute for Oriental Studies,
Tbilisi)`Diachrony and partial typology in morphosyntax (Indo-European
and Ka\-rtvelian).'

Coffee break

11:30 Dimitra Kolliakou: (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)`An
Inheritance-based Account of the Syntax and Semantics of Noun Phrases'.

12:00 Rusudan Asatiani:     (Institute for Oriental Studies,
Tbilisi)`Dominant category in the grammatical system of the language.'

12:30 Graziella Saccon: (University of Texas, Austin)`Dissociating
ne-cliticization  from  syntactic and semantic unaccusativity.'


Session IV: Computational Logic. 

2:30 John Longley and Gordon Plotkin:    (University of Edinburgh,
 Scotland)`Logical full abstraction for functional programming languages.'

3:00 Konstantin Pkhakadze: (Tbilisi State University,
Georgia)`Indefinite-valued propositional logic and some of its
 applications in mechanical theorem proving.'

Coffee break

4:00 Igor Zaslavsky: (Yerevan, Armenia)`On Logically But Not
Functionally Complete Calculus In Three - Valued Logic.'

4:30 Teimuraz Kutsia:   (Tbilisi State University, Georgia)`Towards
fixpoint semantics of general logic programs.'

5:00 Invited Talk: L. Esakia (Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi)
`An outline for an Amended Intuitionistic Logic and Kindred Modal



Saturday, 21 October:

Session V: Computational Linguistics.

9:00 Invited Talk:  Aravind Joshi (University of Pennsylvania, USA) \\
  `Partial Proof Trees and Categorial Grammars'

10:00 Thorsten Brants:  (Universit\"at des Saarlandes,
Germany)`Estimating HMM Topologies.'

10:30 Beatrice Daille, \'Eric Gaussier and Jean-Marc Lang\'e:
 (Universite Paris 7, France)`An Evaluation of Statistical word association.'

Coffee break

11:30 \'Eric Laporte\,: (Universit\'e de Marne-la-Vall\'ee,
France.)`Lexical Disambiguation with Fine-Grained Tagsets.'

12:00 George Chikoidze:   (Georgian Academy of Sciences,
Georgia)`Computer representation of linguistic knowledge.'

12:30 Elisabeth Godbert: (CNRS, Marseille, France)`Computing incoherence
of sentences from a logical representation of their semantics.'


Session VI: Theoretical Computer Science.

2:30 Morten Heine Sorensen: (DIKU, Copenhagen, Denmark)`Characterisation
of Infinite Reduction paths in Untyped Lambda Calculus.'

3:00 Stefano Guerrini:   (Universit\`a di Pisa, Italy)`Sharing-graphs,
sharing-morphisms and (optimal) $\lambda$-graph reductions.'

Coffee break

4:00 Dieter Hofbauer (Technische Universit\"at Berlin, Germany),\\ Maria
Huber, Gregory Kucherov (LORIA, France)`How to get rid of projection
rules in context-free tree grammars'.

4:30 Martin Hansen, Hans H\"uttel and Josva Kleist: (Aalborg
 University, Denmark)`Bisimulations for asynchronous mobile processes.'

5:00 Invited Talk: Anne Preller (Montpelier, France) \\
`Individuals in Modal Logic'




Business meeting

Sunday, 22 october:

Session VII: Logic.

9:00 Invited Talk: H. Ono (Ishikawa, Japan) \\
 `Decidability and the finite model property of
      some substructural logics'

10:00 Rezo Grigolia: (Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi)`Strong
Monadic  Heyting and Diagonalizable Algebras.'

10:30 Vladimir Smirnov:  (Institute for Philosophy, Moscow, Russia)`Free
Logic and Quite Free Logic.'

Coffee break

11:30 David Basin, Sean Matthews and Luka Vigano`: (MPG, Saarbr\"ucken,
 Germany)`A Modular Presentation of Modal Logics in a Logical Framework.'

12:00 Guram Bejanishvili:  (Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi) `Some
Results in Monadic Heyting Algebras.' 

Monday, 23 October

(Invited speakers: TBA)
9:00: Closing Session

12:00: Excursion

Travel: we recommend flying with Air Georgia from Frankfurt on flight AG
621/622 which will be leaving Oct 18, returning Oct 25.

   Tbilisi - Frankfurt - Tbilisi    AG 621/622 (Air Georgia)

 Dep.Frank.      15:10  Arr. Tbilisi     22:40 (Georgia time is GMT +3)
 Dep Tbilisi     12:50  Arr.Frank.       14:05

We have arranged a special group flight price (which will be ca. 500$
R/T, the actual price will be fixed by the number of people who take
this flight.)

Location: the conference will take place in Gudauri, a winter resort in
the Caucasus. On the way back from Gudauri on Oct 22, there will be a
short excursion to the ancient Georgian capital, Mtskheta. On the Monday
(Oct 23) there will be a short session in Tbilisi and, for those
interested, following that an excursion in the wine country (Kakhetia)
will take place on Monday. Tuesday will be a free day in
Tbilisi. Accommodation and board for all days (incl Oct 22, 23, 24: in
the vicinity of Tbilisi) will be available.

Visas: there is no need to get a visa ahead of time. Visas will be
arranged on arrival in Tbilisi. Cost: 30$, colour photo needed.