CADE-13 Call for Papers

[Since it is clearly relevant, I am distributing this conference
announcement to types.  -- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

     The Thirteenth International Conference on Automated Deduction

                         Rutgers University
                   New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

                      30 July - 3 August, 1996

                   CADE-13:  First Call for Papers

The CADE conferences are the major forum for the presentation of new
research in all aspects of automated deduction. Original research
papers, descriptions of working reasoning systems, and problem sets
that provide innovative, challenging tests for automated reasoning
systems, are solicited.

CADE conferences cover all aspects of automated deduction:

    First vs. Higher Order Logics            Classical vs. Non-Classical Logics
    Special vs. General Purpose Inference    Interactive vs. Automatic Systems

Specific topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

    Resolution        Sequent Calculus       Decision Procedures
    Unification       Rewrite Rules          Mathematical Induction

and any applications of automated deduction, including:

    Deductive Databases                      Logic and Functional Programming
    Commonsense Reasoning                    Software and Hardware Development

** Papers on commercial or industrial applications of automated **
** deduction are especially encouraged.                         **

CADE-13 will be held from Tuesday 30 July, to Saturday, 3 August. It
will be held as part of the Federated Logic Conference (FLoC'96) to be
held at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA, from
Saturday, July 27, to Saturday, August 3. As well as CADE, other
conferences participating in FLoC'96 will be CAV (Conference on
Computer-Aided Verification), LICS (IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer
Science), and RTA (Conference on Rewriting Techniques and
Applications). The goal of FLoC is to battle fragmentation of the
technical community by bringing together synergetic conferences that
relate logic to computer science.

The Proceedings of CADE-13 will be published by Springer-Verlag in
their Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Series. Research papers
should not exceed 15 (fifteen) proceedings pages. System descriptions
and problem sets should not exceed 5 (five) proceedings pages. Springer
style files should be used if possible. These can be obtained early
September from http://www.research.att.com/lics/FLoC.

The title page of the submission should include the name, address (with
email address if possible) and telephone number of each author. To
assist in the refereeing process, please indicate one or at most two of
the following areas into which your paper falls, or if it does not fall
into any of these areas, please specify the area into which it falls:

    LOGIC: first order, higher order, classical, non-classical,
    constructive, type theory, induction, modal, non-monotonic.

    MECHANISMS: resolution, matrix, sequent calculus, natural
    deduction, semantic tableau, rewrite rules, unification,
    decision procedures, tactics, meta-level, interactive,

    APPLICATIONS: mathematics, geometry, databases, logic
    programming, functional programming, software/hardware
    verification/transformation/synthesis/termination, commonsense
    reasoning, expert systems, learning.

Papers must be unpublished and not submitted for publication
elsewhere. Submissions which are late, too long, or which require
major revision, will not be considered.

The Program Committee may ask authors to furnish evidence of
scientific claims, e.g., computer programs, detailed proofs, or full
experimental data.

          | Submission deadline: 12 January, 1996         |
          | Notification of acceptance: 20 March, 1996    |
          | Camera-ready copy due: 26 April, 1996         |

Authors should send 4 (four) copies of their submission to the Program
Co-Chairs. Further information about the conference may be obtained
from the Local Arrangements Chair or at the CADE-13 world wide web
site: http://www.research.att.com/lics/FLoC (operational early

Further calls will be made for tutorials, workshops and a theorem
proving competition and details of these will also be available at the
CADE-13 web site.

    Program Co-Chairs                     Local Arrangements Chair

    Michael McRobbie & John Slaney        Amy Felty        
    Centre for Information                AT&T Bell Laboratories
        Science Research                  600 Mountain Avenue 
    The Australian National University    Murray Hill NJ 07974
    ACT 0200                              United States of America
    Tel: [+61] 6-2492035                  Tel: [+1] 908-5824049 
    Fax: [+61] 6-2490747                  Email: cade13-la@cisr.anu.edu.au
    Email: cade13@cisr.anu.edu.au

                          Program Committee

O. Astrachan (Duke)                    J. Avenhaus (Kaiserslautern)
L. Bachmair (Stonybrook)               D. Basin (Max-Planck)
W. Bibel (Darmstadt)                   B. Buchberger (Linz)
F. Bry (Munich)                        R. Caferra (Grenoble)
K.S. Choi (KAIST)                      A. Cohn (Leeds)
L. Farinas del Cerro (Toulouse)        W. Farmer (MITRE)
A. Felty (AT&T)                        M. Fitting (CUNY)
M. Fujita (MRI)                        S. Garland (MIT)
F. Giunchiglia (IRST)                  E. Gunter (AT&T)
R. Hasegawa (Kyushu)                   L. Henschen (North Western)
L. Hines (Texas)                       S. Hoelldobler (Dresden)
M. Kaufman (Motorola)                  A. Leitsch (Vienna)
E. Lusk (Argonne)                      U. Martin (St Andrews)
D. McAllester (MIT)                    W. McCune (Argonne)
H.-J. Ohlbach (Max-Planck)             J. Posegga (Karlsruhe)
W. Pase (Ottawa)                       F. Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon)
F. Pirri (Rome)                        D. Plaisted (North Carolina)
U. Reddy (Illinois)                    M. Rusinowitch (INRIA)
K. Satoh (Hokkaido)                    J. Schumann (Munich)
C. Schwind (Marseille)                 N. Shankar (SRI)
J. Siekman (Saarbruecken)              A. Smaill (Edinburgh)
G. Smolka (Saarbruecken)               M. Stickel (SRI)
G. Sutcliffe (James Cook)              E. Tiden (Siemens)
A. Voronkov (Uppsala)                  L. Wallen (Oxford)
D. Wang (Grenoble)                     H. Zhang (Iowa)