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[Since it is clearly relevant, I am distributing this conference
announcement to types.  -- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]


ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming
	Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA May 24-26, 1996

The ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming is a
new annual conference combining the established LISP and Functional
Programming (LFP) and Functional Programming and Computer Architecture
(FPCA) conferences.  The conference is sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN in
association with IFIP WG 2.8 and will take place in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania as part of the Federated Computing Research Conference.

Papers presented at the conference must describe new ideas or
experimental results that have not previously been published.
Suggested areas for submissions include (but are not limited to) the
following:  language design; compilation methods; architectural support
and interaction; program analysis and optimization; programming logics;
program transformation; semantic foundations; type theory; garbage
collection and run-time systems; input/output, control, and store
effects; extensions for parallelism, non-determinism, and concurrency;
implementation paradigms: direct- and continuation-passing, graph
reduction, and data flow; parallel and distributed implementations;
applications and case studies; and pedagogy.  Languages of interest
include established languages such as Lisp, Scheme, Sisal, ML, Haskell,
and Id, as well as novel designs in the functional programming

Authors should submit 13 copies of a full conference paper to the
program chair at the address below.  The length of the paper should not
exceed 12 pages typeset 11 point on 16 point spacing.  Papers will be
judged on relevance, originality, significance, correctness, and
clarity.  Each paper should explain its contributions in both general
and technical terms, clearly identifying what has been accomplished,
saying why it is significant, and comparing it with previous work.
Authors should make every effort to make the technical content of their
papers understandable to a broad audience.  Simultaneous submissions to
other conferences will not be accepted.  In addition, the following
information, for each paper submitted, should be sent by electronic
mail to icfp96@cs.indiana.edu: a single postal address and electronic
mail address for correspondence and complete title, author, and
affiliation information.

Submissions must be received by October 27, 1995.  The program chair
will reject all late or excessively long submissions.  Authors will be
notified of acceptance or rejection by December 22, 1995.  Final
versions of accepted papers must be received by the program chair in
camera-ready form by January 27, 1996.  Authors of accepted papers will
be expected to sign ACM copyright release forms.  Proceedings will be
distributed at the conference and will be available later for purchase
from ACM.  They will also appear as a special issue of SIGPLAN

For submission information and other inquiries contact
icfp96@cs.indiana.edu. This call for papers and additional information
about the conference can be obtained via the world-wide web or
anonymous ftp from:

Program Committee

   * Luca Cardelli (Digital SRC)
   * Olivier Danvy (Aarhus Univ.)
   * Matthias Felleisen (Rice Univ.)
   * Richard Gabriel (ParcPlace)
   * Paul Hudak (Yale Univ.)
   * John Launchbury (Oregon Grad. Inst.)
   * Peter Lee (CMU)
   * Atsushi Ohori (Kyoto Univ.)
   * Didier Remy (INRIA)
   * John Reppy (AT&T Bell Labs.)
   * Olin Shivers (MIT)
   * Andrew Wright (NEC Research)
Program Chair

   R. Kent Dybvig
   Computer Science Department
   Lindley Hall 215
   Indiana University
   Bloomington, IN 47405-4101 USA
   tel: +1-812-855-8653
   fax: +1-812-855-4829
General Chair

   Robert Harper
   School of Computer Science
   Carnegie Mellon University
   Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891 USA
   tel: +1-412-268-3675
   fax: +1-412-681-5739