research position

Dear Colleague,

I would very much appreciate if you could bring the following available
postdoctoral position to the attention of potential applicants.

Many thanks,

Abbas Edalat


                        IMPERIAL COLLEGE (LONDON)
                        DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTING


Applications are invited for a two year postdoctoral position to start
as soon as possible to work with Abbas Edalat on the EPSRC project
 "Foundational Structures in Computer Science" under the subtitle
"Computational Measure and Integration Theory". The post  is one 
of four in the project; other investigators include Samson Abramsky, 
Mike Smyth and Steve Vickers. It has arisen as a
result of the develpment of  a new order-theoretic measure and
integration theory at the interface of mainstream mathematics and
theoretical computer science.  The aim will be to investigate various
topological, measure-theoretic and domain-theoretic aspects of the new
theory as well as its various applications. Candiates should have a PhD
in Mathematics or Theoretical Computer Science
with a strong background in General Topology. They should also have
knowledge of at least one of the following two subjects,

* Classical Measure Theory
*Continuous Lattice Theory (Domain Theory),

AND the serious willingness to acquire knowledge of the other. 

Salary (including London allowance) will be on the R&A IA scale
(17,700-19,947 pounds a year).

Informal enquiries should be directed to Abbas Edalat.

Applicants are required to send a CV, a list of publications, a
description of current and past research interests and the names and
addresses (including email) of two referees  either by post or email to:

Abbas Edalat (ae@doc.ic.ac.uk)
Department of Computing
Imperial College
180 Queen's Gate
London SW7 2BZ.

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