Information relating to the AMAST newsletter

Dear Philip,

In view of the frequent (and most welcome!) relevance of contributions
from the forum you moderate to the AMAST newsletter, I would appreciate
it if you could distribute the enclosed information.
  Thank you very much, in advance.

[Please accept my apologies if you receive this message more than once.
                                                             G. Scollo]

  The AMAST newsletter (the acronym stands for Algebraic Methodology
And Software Technology, from the name of a related conference series),
called _AMAST Links_, was started last year as an experiment. This has
made quite good progress so far, and has now reached some sort of
definite shape. Here's some more information about the AMAST newsletter
and the related mailing list.
  _AMAST Links_ is issued monthly and has two forms: plain-text and
hypertext. The plain-text form is distributed by e-mail, while both
forms are made available on the World-Wide Web (WWW) and by anonymous
FTP. In the hypertext form, links to more detailed information, or to
information otherwise related to the announcements, are included when
  If you wish to have a look at individual pages of the latest issue of
_AMAST Links_, or to previous issues, and if you have access to the
WWW, then please open either of the following:

   WWW URL: http://www.cs.utwente.nl/data/amast/links/AL-Index.html
   FTP URL: ftp://ftp.cs.utwente.nl/pub/doc/amast/links/AL-Index.html

whereby you should get to a page which provides you with links to all
the issues of the AMAST newsletter appeared so far.
  A more general index to all the AMAST information maintained on the
WWW- and FTP- servers at the University of Twente (in The Netherlands)
is available at either of the following URL: 

   WWW URL: http://www.cs.utwente.nl/data/amast/Index.html
   FTP URL: ftp://ftp.cs.utwente.nl/pub/doc/amast/Index.html

  If you do not have access to the WWW, you may get a detailed outline
of that information by FTP from

   host: ftp.cs.utwente.nl
   username: anonymous
   (please give your e-mail address as password)
   directory: pub/doc/amast/
   file (plain ASCII text): README

  In addition to the newsletter, AMAST subscribers may receive (if they
wish so) e-mail messages sent to the list by other subscribers. This
communication form is neither direct nor immediate, however. Messages
sent to the list communication address


are collected into a digest, which is distributed at a frequency not
higher than fortnightly. Because of the availability of _AMAST Links_
to host announcements and the like, the digest usually has a very
modest size.
  Subscription to _AMAST Links_ and/or to the AMAST e-mail digest is
free of charge, and is obtained by sending a message to the list
management address


where a subscription option may be specified. The following options are

   S1: (default) full newsletter and e-mail digest,
   S2: full newsletter, but no e-mail digest,
   S3: ToC-only option (no e-mail digest, by default),
   S4: ToC-only option, but with e-mail digest as well.

  In particular, the ToC-only version of each issue of AMAST Links only
contains the first and the last page of that issue, which respectively
list the page titles and the contributors to that issue. The ToC-only
option is thus well-suited for those who wish to receive a low-volume,
summary information by e-mail, and then access the items of interest by
FTP or on the WWW.
  For more information, please send a message to the list information


specifying your request.