addendum for Kfoury+Wells Dec. 1994 tech report

This note is the announcement of an addendum for the December 1994
technical report "New Notions of Reduction and Non-Semantic Proofs of Beta
Strong Normalization in Typed Lambda Calculi" by myself and A. J. Kfoury.
The contents of this addendum represent changes some of which have already
been incorporated into the LICS '95 conference version of the paper, based
on comments we have received.  If you have read the technical report, you
may want to read the addendum since it contains only changes from the
original report.  The addendum clarifies some statements, adds information
on some related research, includes a comparison with research by de
Groote, and fixes two minor mistakes in a proof.

The addendum is Boston University Computer Science Dept. Technical Report
number 95-007 and it is available via anonymous FTP from the host
CS-FTP.BU.EDU in the directory "techreports" as the file
"95-007-strong-normalization-addendum.ps.gz" (115K).  The URL is:


(Files ending with the ".gz" suffix are compressed with the "gzip"
program, which is available via anonymous FTP from the host
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