LDPL'95 Call for participation

[Since it is clearly relevant, I am distributing this conference
announcement to types.  -- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

Please find below the tentative programme and registration information
for the forthcoming Workshop on Logic, Domains, and Programming Languages
to take place in Darmstadt from May 24 to May 27.

           M. Huth, A. Jung, K. Keimel and K.H. Hofmann


                           May 24-27, 1995

                       Call for Participation


WEDNESDAY, May 24, 1995

16:00 Workshop Registration

18:00 Honorary Degree Ceremony for Dana Scott, Carnegie-Mellon University.
Speakers: Karl Heinrich Hofmann & Helmut Schwichtenberg

THURSDAY, May 25, 1995

9:00 Invited speaker: Gordon Plotkin. University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom:
Algebraic Completeness and Compactness in an Enriched Setting. 

10:00 Coffee Break

A 10:30 Hideki Tsuiki. Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan:
| Overloading---Solving a Domain Equation in a Functor Category. 
| 11:00 Kim Ritter Wagner. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom:
| Reconciling partial orders and metric spaces with linear logic. 

B 10:30 Bernhard M"oller. Universit"at Augsburg, Germany:
| An algebraic treatment of streams.
| 11:00 Cyrus F. Nourani. METAAI, Inc., USA:
| How Could There Be Models For Nothing And Proofs For Free? 

11:30 Break

A 11:10 Maurizio Martelli. Univ. di Genova, Italy:
| Reconsidering Objects in Linear Logic.
| 11:40 Clemens H. Cap. Universit"at Zurich, Switzerland:
| Linear Logic for Specifying Processes.

B 11:40 Dietrich Kuske. Technische Universit"at Dresden, Germany:
| On computations of nondeterministic automata with concurrency relations. 
| 12:10 Manfred Droste. Technische Universit"at Dresden, Germany:
| Logical definability of recognizable and aperiodic languages in
| concurrency monoids. 

12:40 Lunch Break

14:00 Invited speaker: Peter O'Hearn. Syracuse University, USA:
Kripke logical relations and PCF.

15:00 Break

A 15:10 C.-H. Luke Ong. Oxford University Computing Laboratory, United Kingdom:
| Pi-calculus, innocent strategies, and PCF.
| 15:40 Jimmie Lawson. Louisiana State University, USA:
| Maximal Point Spaces and Measures.

B 15:10 Petros S. Stefaneas. Athens, Greece:
| Chartering modal logics.
| 15:40 Elena Zucca. Universita di Genova, Italy:
| Objects are data-types with state.

16:10 Coffee Break

A 16:40 Glynn Winskel. University of Aarhus, Denmark:
| Weak bisimulation categorically.
| 17:10 Jiri Adamek. Technische Universit"at Braunschweig, Germany:
| Domain-like Categories.
| 17:40 John Longley. University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom:
| A Uniform Approach to Domain Theory in Realizability Models. 

B 16:40 Klaus Grue. University of Copenhagen, Denmark:
| Map theory 1995.
| 17:10 Chantal Berline. Universite' Paris 7, France:
| A semantic consistency proof for Map Theory, based on denotational
| semantics.
| 17:40 S\oren B\ogh Lassen. University of Aarhus, Denmark:
| Action Theory.

FRIDAY, May 26

8:30 Invited speaker: Bent Thomsen. European Computer-Industry
Research Centre, Germany: 
Logic, Domains and Higher-Order Processes.

9:30 Coffee Break

A 10:00 Gyorgy E. Revesz. University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA:
| Categorical Combinators and Surjective Pairing.
| 10:30 Steffen van Bakel. Universita degli Studi di Torino, Italy:
| The Heart of Intersection Type Assignment Normalization proofs revisited.

B 10:00 Arend Rensink. Universit"at Hildesheim, Germany:
| An Event-Based SOS for a Language with Refinement.
| 10:30 Martin Odersky. Universit"at Karlsruhe, Germany:
| Polarized Bisimulation. 

11:00 Break

A 11:10 Philippe Audebaud. Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France:
| Parigot's lambda-mu calculus as a model for functional languages
| extended with control structures.  
| 11:40 Bernhard Reus. Universit"at M"unchen, Germany: 
| Axiomatizing synthetic domain theory 

B 11:10 Marta Z. Kwiatkowska. University of Birmingham, United Kingdom:
| Towards a fair powerdomain.
| 11:40 Gabriel Ciobanu. A.I.Cuza University, Romania:
| Abstract Operational Machinery for Nondeterminism.

12:10 Lunch Break

14:00 Invited speaker: Samson Abramsky. Imperial College, London,
United Kingdom: 
Semantics of Interaction.

15:00 Break

A 15:10 Marcelo Fiore. University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom:
| First Steps on the Representation of Domains.
| 15:40 J"urgen Koslowski. Universit"at Hannover, Germany:
| Note on Free Algebras over Continuous Domains.

B 15:10 Giancarlo Succi. Universita di Trento, Italy:
| Using a Set Based Logic Language as SQL for a Distributed Repository
| of Reusable Software Lifecycle Objects. 
| 15:40 Alexandre Zamulin. Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia:
| Algebraic specification of OBERON.

16:10 Coffee Break

A 16:40 Thomas F. Gritzner. Technische Universit"at M"unchen, Germany:
| On the Relational Programming of Streams.
| 17:10 Mourad Debabi. Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada:
| Compositional Construction of Typed Semantic Domains.
| 17:40 Andreas Gruchalski. Universit"at-GH Siegen, Germany:
| Constructive SFP domains are a model of type:type.

B 16:40 Wolfgang Bibel. Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany:
| Decomposition of Tautologies into Regular Formulas and Strong
| Completeness of Connection-Graph Resolution. 
| 17:10 Friedrich W. von Henke. Universit"at Ulm, Germany:
| Features of the specification and programming language QED.
| 17:40 William C. Rounds. CWI Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
| Defaults in Databases: A domain-theoretic perspective.


8:30 Invited speaker: Olivier Danvy. University of Aarhus, Denmark:
Semantics-based compilation for undergrads. 

9:30 Coffee Break

A 10:00 John Hatcliff. University of Copenhagen, Denmark:
| A Computational Formalization for Partial Evaluation.
| 10:30 Dirk Dussart. Department of Computer Science, Leuven, Belgium:
| Proving Program Transformers Correct by Program Transformation.

B 10:00 Hermann Haeusler. Dep. Filosofia - PUC-Rio, Brasil:
| Linear Logic and Multiplicative Quantifiers.
| 10:30 Christian Retore. INRIA Lorraine & CRIN-CNRS, France:
| On the relation between coherence semantics and multiplicative proof nets.

11:00 Break

A 11:10 Patrick Cousot. Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France:
| Constructing a Hierarchy of Semantics by Abstract Interpretation.
| 11:40 Elena Trichina. University of Joensuu, Finland:
| Translating from Bird-Meertens' Formalism to OCCAM2: Exploiting
| useful Parallelism. 

B 11:40 Reinhold Heckmann. Universit"at des Saarlandes, Germany:
| Describing the Operations of the Probabilistic Powerdomain as
| Approximable Mappings.
| 12:10 Kay-Jeanette N"ussler. Uni GH Essen, Germany:
| Some remarks on Plotkin powerdomains.

12:10 Lunch Break

13:30 Invited speaker: Frank Pfenning. Carnegie-Mellon University, USA:
Refinement Types.

14:30 Abbas Edalat. Imperial College, London, United Kingdom:
Domain Theory at the edge of chaos.

15:15 Coffee Break

15:45 Invited speaker: Dana Scott. Carnegie-Mellon University, USA:


Michael Huth, Achim Jung, Klaus Keimel and Karl Heinrich Hofmann.


Dr Michael Huth
Fachbereich Mathematik
Technische Hochschule Darmstadt
64289 Darmstadt, Germany
Phone: +49-6151-16-3715
Fax: +49-6151-16-4011
E-mail: ldpl95@mathematik.th-darmstadt.de


The University of Darmstadt will award Dana Scott an honorary degree
on Wednesday, May 24. Workshop participants are most welcome to attend
this event which will be held at 6:00 in the afternoon; a reception
will follow the ceremony.


There will be NO workshop fee. However, all workshop participants need
to register on Wednesday, May 24, or the next morning. Registration
will begin at 4:00 pm. You are asked to pay 30 DM in cash for coffee,
tea and cookies. This includes a sandwich lunch on Thursday. There will
also be a workshop dinner on Friday evening. If you want to attend
this dinner you need to pay 70 DM in cash when you register.


If you have not pre-registered, please fill out the form below and
send it to the workshop address above by E-mail, fax, or regular mail.

                        Registration Form

Postal address:

Electronic Mail:
Phone number:
Fax number:


We suggest that you contact the Darmstadt Tourist Office:

Magistrat der Stadt Darmstadt
z.Hd. Frau Neubauer
Luisenplatz 5
64283 Darmstadt, Germany

You may reach the tourist office by phone at +49-6151-132782.

If you have difficulties finding hotel accommodation then send us an
email message (ldpl95@mathematik.th-darmstadt.de) clearly specifying
your preferences and we will try to arrange something for you.


The LDPL95 Workshop will take place at facilities of the Technische
Hochschule Darmstadt in the center of Darmstadt, Germany. All
participants will receive a city map and information about travel by
regular mail.


The proceedings of the workshop will be published as a special issue
of the journal `Mathematical Structures in Computer Science'. All
workshop participants may submit papers after the workshop will have 
taken place. Papers will be reviewed according to the usual journal
standards. The deadline of submission will be fixed at the meeting.


Darmstadt is only about 20km south of Frankfurt International Airport;
the HEAG AIRLINER is a shuttle service operating between this airport
and the center of Darmstadt. Darmstadt has a major railway station
with frequent connections to all of Europe.


All payments (coffee fee and dinner fee) will have to be made in cash
and D-Mark when you register.