Re: Question: typing with set of most general unifiers

Simon Courtenage asks:

    I would like to find out if there has been any work done on type
    inference algorithms using a finite set of most general unifiers
    rather than a single mgu. 

Satish Thatte has worked on the problem. Here's a bibtex entry of a
paper that appeared in FPCA'93:

  author = 	"Satish R. Thatte",
  title = 	"Coercive Type Isomorphism",
  booktitle = 	"Proceedings Functional Programming Languages and Computer
		 Architecture, 5th {ACM} Conference, Cambridge, {MA},
  year = 	"1991",
  editor = 	"John Hughes",
  publisher = 	"Springer-Verlag",
  month = 	"August",
  note = 	"Lecture Notes in Computer Science 523",
  pages = 	"29--49"


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