Summer School on Semantics and Logic of Computation

		   A Newton Institute Summer School

			25--29 September 1995
		   Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK

		      in collaboration with the
		       ESPRIT CLICS-II project

			Call for Registration

The Summer School on Semantics and Logics of Computation is being held
as part of a six-month research programme on Semantics of Computation
at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, a new
international research centre in Cambridge UK. The Summer School is
sponsored by the CEC ESPRIT research project "Categorical Logic in
Computer Science, II" (CLICS-II). 

The aim is to present a number of modern developments in semantics and
logics of computation in a way that is accessible to graduate-level
students. Registrations from postgraduate students will be given
priority, but applications by interested academics and industrialists
are also welcomed. The planned courses include:

		    Samson Abramsky (Imperial) on
		      "Semantics of interaction"

		    Thierry Coquand (Chalmers) on
	      "Computational content of classical logic"

		    Martin Hofmann (Edinburgh) on
     "Dependent type theory: syntax, semantics, and applications"

		     Martin Hyland (Cambridge) on
			   "Game Semantics"

		      Eugenio Moggi (Genova) on
		"Computational types and applications"

	       Mogens Nielsen & Glynn Winskel (Aarhus)
		       "Models for concurrency"

		       Andrew Pitts (Cambridge)
    "Operationally-based theories for proving program properties"


For CLICS-II:			Peter Dybjer (Chalmers)

For the NIMS Semantics of 	Andrew Pitts (Cambridge)
Computation Programme:		ap@cl.cam.ac.uk


The workshop will take place in the Newton Institute's
purpose-designed building, in a pleasant area in the west of
Cambridge, about one mile from the centre of the City.  Accommodation
for participants will be provided next door to the Newton Institute
in the study bedrooms of Girton College's Wolfson Court. The
accommodation will be available from the evening of Sunday 24
September until the morning of Saturday 30 September.


general rate: 400 pounds
student rate: 250 pounds

The fee covers registration, accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch,
supper, tea & coffee breaks), and lecture materials.


There are only a limited number of places available on the Summer
School. Intending participants are advised to apply for registration
as soon as possible, and in no case later than 31 May 1995. To apply,
please send your name and address (including e-mail or fax number, if
available) to:

			Florence Leroy
			(SEM Summer School)
			Isaac Newton Institute
			20 Clarkson Road
			Cambridge CB3 0EH

			Tel: +44 1223 335984
			Fax: +44 1223 330508
			Email: f.leroy@newton.cam.ac.uk


Deadline for registration			31 May 1995
Arrival date					24 September 1995
Scientific programme				25--29 September 1995
Departure date					30 September 1995