Workshop on Advances In Type Systems For Computing

[Since it is clearly relevant, I am distributing this conference
announcement to types.  -- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

 		  A Newton Institute Euroconference

			  14--18 August 1995
		   Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK

	  First Call for Registration and Contributed Talks

The workshop on Advances In Type Systems For Computing is being held
as part of a six-month research programme on Semantics of Computation
at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, a new
international research centre in Cambridge UK. The workshop programme
will consist of a combination of invited and contributed talks
presenting recent developments in the use of typing in computing, with
particular emphasis on the following three related areas:
	       *   extensions of the ML type system   *
	       * types in object-oriented programming *
	       *  type theories for reactive systems  *

Invited speakers will include:

M Abadi (DEC)		X Leroy (INRIA)		V Saraswat (Xerox)
K Bruce (Williams)	D MacQueen (AT&T)	S Smith (John Hopkins)
L Cardelli (DEC)	J Palsberg (Aarhus)	M Tofte (DIKU)
R Harper (CMU)		B Pierce (Cambridge)	A Yonezawa (Tokyo)

Programme committee:

			S Abramsky (Imperial)	
			L Cardelli (DEC)	
			J Mitchell (Stanford) Chair	
			A Pitts (Cambridge)
			A Yonezawa (Tokyo)

Contributed talks:

The organizers invite offers of contributed talks. These will be
selected by the programme committee on the basis of submitted
abstracts.  Five copies of an abstract in English (up to 2 pages)
should be sent to the program committee chairman

			John Mitchell (ATSC)
			Department of Computer Science
			Stanford University
			Stanford, CA 94305-2140, USA

to arrive not later than 1 April, 1995. In addition to an indication
of the results to be presented in the talk and their relevance to the
subject of the workshop, the abstract should give the talk title and
the speakers's name, address, phone number, fax number and email
address (when available). Notification of selection of contributed
talks will be made by 1 May, 1995.

Conference location, costs and registration:

The workshop will take place in the Newton Institute's
purpose-designed building, in a pleasant area in the west of
Cambridge, about one mile from the centre of the City. There will be a
registration fee of 150 pounds (includes the cost of lunches,
coffee and tea breaks).  Accommodation for participants will be
available next door to the Newton Institute in the study bedrooms of
Girton College's Wolfson Court, at a cost of about 192 pounds for the
week (including breakfast and evening meal). For further information
and registration forms please contact:

			Florence Leroy
			Isacc Newton Institute
			20 Clarkson Road
			Cambridge CB3 0EH

			Tel: +44 1223 335984
			Fax: +44 1223 330508
			Email: f.leroy@newton.cam.ac.uk

The conference is sponsored by the European Union Human Capital and
Mobility Programme and will provide grants towards registration,
travel and subsistence costs of selected young (under 35 years)
participants at postgraduate or postdoctorate level. To be eligible
for such a grant you must be a citizen of a European Union Member
State, or a person residing and working for at least one year in such
a country.  The grant application form is available by ftp from
ftp.newton.cam.ac.uk as pub/programmes/semATSCform.txt, or by post
from Florence Leroy at the above address.  In order to apply for a
grant please fill in and return the form by 30 April 1995.

Important dates:

Abstracts for contributed talks			1  April 1995
Notification of selection of contributed talk	30 April 1995
Deadline for grant applications			30 April 1995
Deadline for registration			14 June 1995
Workshop dates					14--18 August 1994