Confusion between e-mail lists

   Date: Sun, 29 Dec 91 13:51:30 EST
   From: John_Reynolds@PROOF.ERGO.CS.CMU.EDU

   Recently I've received a number of e-mail messages recording
   a "conversation" about notation for linear logic, involving
   Avron, Pratt, Seely, Taylor, and Troelstra.  Some have just
   been marked "types@theory.lcs.mit.edu" while others have also
   been marked "linear@cs.stanford.edu".  For those of us who
   are trying to keep the types mail and the linear logic mail
   separate this is very confusing.
     --John Reynolds

Mail to the LINEAR list is forwarded to the TYPES lists--subject to
moderation as usual.  The body of such mail begins with "To: linear".

The LINEAR and TYPES moderators' intention is that it should make no sense
to subscribe to both lists: LINEAR is for those exclusively interested in
LL but not other aspects of types-in-CS; TYPES is for everyone else.

In the case of the Avron\Seely\Barr conversation, the TYPES moderator
thought it wiser to wait for the misunderstandings and recriminations to
subside before forwarding clarifying messages, so TYPES subscribers (who
were not also LINEAR subscribers) saw the summary comments of the
conversants and were spared (deprived of?) seeing the mainly contentious
ones.  The LINEAR moderator adopted a more liberal policy and broadcast
all the correspondence as it arrived.  I expect this kind of discrepancy
between LINEAR and TYPES to be rare.  More typically, the
Pratt/Taylor/Troelstra comments were routinely broadcast in entirety to

Regards, Albert
Moderator, types@theory.lcs.mit.edu