Linear Notation, and good will to all

Date: Sat, 21 Dec 91 10:52:08 EST
To: linear@cs.stanford.edu

Concerning AST's note about notation:

In fairness to Rick Blute, I should point out that the notation we use in
our recent abstract is that of Cockett and myself, in our Durham Proceedings
paper.  Rick in fact keeps to Girard's notation.  (There is a hidden
footnote to that effect in the TeX source code!)  Colleagues have been amused
to watch us work at the board, since we simultaneously (and harmoniously)
use both notations at the same time.  Jean-Yves has expressed the essence of
the matter in this way - he would be quite willing to change notation if
everyone else could agree on what to change to!  Of course, the common
answer (mine too) is "my notation - it is so natural".  So I guess we're
stuck with this notational bestiary (bestial notation?).  I can live with
it, so I guess everyone else can too.  (Of course, I won't give up my
notation, since it's the only sensible one ... ;-} )

Happy holidays, everyone.

- - Robert Seely