Imperial College archive & TeX fonts

Date: Thu, 5 Dec 91 13:00:46 GMT
To: linear@cs.stanford.edu

Following several complaints about "missing fonts" in papers in our archive,
I have enlarged it to include our TeX system. 

The archive is accessed by "ftp theory.doc.ic.ac.uk"  (
log in as "ftp" or "anonymous" with your email address as password.
(The program keeps a record of who has read what.)

Papers are now found in, eg,	/theory/papers/Abramsky/cill.dvi.Z
PK files are in, eg,		/tex/fonts/pk/300/cmbx14.pk

I find myself torn between demands from internal users to make modifications
and from external ones to stick rigidly to a "standard". Such a standard exists
for TeX (the program) - by order of Knuth - but it doesn't for LaTeX, fonts,
etc.  Following Edinburgh's lead, we are changing to design size (Sauter)
instead of magnified fonts, for example, which have been available for many
years on standard TeX distribution tapes. There is no question of a "local"
TeX or LaTeX.

If your TeX system is pre-3.0 or doesn't contain the AMS symbols (mssymb)
you might like to copy our 6M off the shelf package (including Sun binaries)
>from the directory /tex/local-copy. It's used by 200 machines throughout IC,
which mount the filesystem to get the (few) missing fonts and macros.
I'm not confident that it is yet sufficiently robust to be used outside
London in this way.

Here is a listing of the /theory/papers/ tree.
Abramsky/  cill.dvi.Z
Burn/	   Glasgow91.dvi.Z POPL90.dvi.Z JnlFP_Implementation.dvi.Z
	   TAPSOFT91.dvi.Z LispAndFP90.dvi.Z book.preface
Chau/	   main.dvi.Z roorda_Ch6_sum.dvi.Z
Dawson/	   icle wp (directories)
Edalat/	   ac.dvi cts.dvi infsys.dvi
Hunt/	   PEPM91.dvi
Ryan/	   hcls-1.1-draft.dvi tacs91.dvi deon91.dvi lics91+.dvi
Sands/	   ESOP90+.dvi FST_TCS91.dvi INDEX.bib PEPM91.dvi PhDthesis.dvi
Taylor/	   LFPP.dvi bilimits.dvi survey.dvi Quantitative.dvi lics.dvi
	   trace.dvi alg_stab.dvi stabdom.dvi
Vickers/   Dortmund.hqx GeoTh+DBs.rtf Infosys.rtf PreFrPrePre.rtf
deQueiroz/ resource.dvi.Z

Paul Taylor