affine logic

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 91 17:18:08 GMT
To: linear@cs.stanford.edu

Patrick Lincoln asks:
   P.S. Is "Affine Logic" the accepted name for LL with weakening?

That question should be asked to Ketonen, who had considered it
in the age BG and called it Direct Logic. 
A reasonable mathematical analogy may be a good reason to 
change terminology. 

Credits, however, should be given: e.g., the acyclicity condition
(cfr. Danos and Regnier 1989) in the context of proof-structures
occurs first in 
  Ketonen and Weyhrauch 1984, A decidable fragment of predicate calculus, 
  Theoretical Computer Science 32, 1984, pp. 297-307
cfr also
  Ketonen and Bellin, A decision procedure revisited, notes on Direct
  Logic Linear Logic and its implementation, submitted to TCS in 1989;
  to appear in 1992.