2nd Montreal workshop on prog langs

Date: Sat, 19 Oct 91 00:02:33 -0400

          2nd Montreal Workshop on Programming Language Theory
      -Algebraic and logical approaches in Programming Languages-
                        December 13-15, 1991
        (With a special lecture series by Jean-Yves Girard 
       on recent development of linear logic and its applications)

Organized by the Montreal Programming Languages Group in cooperation
with the Montreal Interuniversity Category Theory-Logic Seminar the 
Queen's Workshop on Programming Languages, McMaster International
Workshops on Programming Languages.

Supported (under negotiation) by
the Centre de recherche informatique de Montreal,
the Center for Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence of Montreal and
the Concordia University.

Lecture series (four lectures) by
                                 Jean-Yves Girard (Univ. Paris 7 and CNRS)

Keynote lectures by
                                  R. Constable (Cornell U.)
                                  J. Gallier   (U. Pennsylvania)
                                  J. Mitchell  (Stanford U.)
                                  J. Lambek    (McGill U)                      

Other speakers (and participants) include;
M. Barr (McGill), H.Milli (UQAM), P. Lauer (McMaster),M.Okada (Concordia), 
P.Panangaden (McGill), P.J. Scott (Edinburg/Ottawa), R.Seely (McGill), 
J.Seldin (Concordia), R. Tennent (Queen's), Terrien (McGill), 
J.Zucker (McMaster) and others.

There are a number of slots of talks available (see below for the
The purpose of the workshop is to discuss together the various research
activities in programming language theory and related fields from some
universities and research laboratories in Quebec, Ontario and northern New York
State. Participation from other areas is also welcome. This is the second
meeting of this Workshop series.  Our intention
is to hold workshops in this series twice a year in cooperation with
several research groups in the Quebec and Ontario area.

Algebraic and logical approaches in programming language theory is becoming
increasingly important both in the theoretical and the practical levels.
The workshop will be focused on algebraic and logical aspects of
programming language theory, including new generation programming language 
design, semantics of programming languages, algebraic specification languages,
formal program verification, logical framework of the object-oriented paradigm,
and other issues related to algebraic or logical approaches to language theory.
In particular, this Second Workshop will be focused on applications of
Linear Logic, Category Theory, Object-oriented Type Theory, Constructive
Systems and Rewrite Theory.


          Faculty Club
          7th Floor
          Hall Building
          Concordia University
          1455 boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest
          Montreal, Quebec


          Friday morning, December 13 to Sunday afternoon, December 15.
          A detailed program will follow soon upon your request. There
          will be a welcome reception and some open lectures on Dec 12.


          In order to provide a suitable atmosphere for interaction
          among the participants, the number of participants may
          be limited.  Please send e-mail to mwplt@concour.cs.concordia.ca
          your intention of participation as soon as possible. If you need 
          a formal invitation letter from the Workshop office, 
          we could send it by email.

          There is $ 60 registration charge ($30 for a student).   

          A limited number of slots of talks are available. We in particular
          seek for on-going works  on applications of linear logic 
          as well as of category theory, proof theory, type theory, or
          rewrite theory. Please send your paper or abstract to one
          of the organizing committee members listed below by email
          and explain the relevance with the workshop topics. (We will
          answer by early November.) The Proceedings will be published 
          after the Workshop. We also plan to select papers for a special
          issue of an established journal.


          Unfortunately, the University dormitory is not available
          during this period.

          The following are some hotels very close to the workshop
          location (within a few minutes walk):

                     Hotel Chateau Versailles
                     $90 for single
                     (Ask about special rates when calling.  It MAY
                     be possible to get $79/single or $89/double.)
                     Hotel Europa
                     $70 for single, $80 for double.

                     Confort Suites
                     $65 for one person or two (conference rate)
                     Maritime Hotel
                     $59.95 for one person or two (season-off rate)
                     YWCA (female only)
                     $35 (single, no bath)
                     $46 (single with semi-private bath)
                     $50 (single with private bath)
                     $62 (double)

                     YMCA (both male and female)
                     $30 (single)
                     $28 (student)


                     Montreal tourist office: (514) 873-2015.

                     Laurntain ski center information: (514) 436-8532.


          M. Barr       (McGill U.) 
          D. Craigen    (Odyssey Research-Ottawa)
          P. Grogono    (Concordia U.)
          B. Hodgson    (U. Laval)
          P. Lauer      (McMaster U.)
          M. Makkai     (McGill U.)
          H. Mili       (UQAM)
          M. Okada      (Concordia U.)(chair)
          P. Panangaden (McGill U.)
          P. J. Scott   (U. Ottawa)
          J. Seldin     (Concordia U.)
          B. Tennent    (Queen's U.)

For further information, send e-mail to


(If you would like to submit your paper or abstract through this address,
please indicate one committee member most close to your topic.)

nor write to

          MWPTL, c/o Dr. M. Okada
          Department of Computer Science
          Concordia University
          1455 boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest
          Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8