cfp -- ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Continuations CW92

Date:  Wed, 11 Sep 91 15:11:08 -0500

                       CALL FOR PARTICIPATION TO CW92

                    ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Continuations
                               June 21, 1992
                         San Francisco,  California
                         (between PLDI92 and LFP92)

The notion of continuation is ubiquitous in many different areas of
computer science, including logic, constructive mathematics,
programming languages, and programming.  This workshop aims at
providing a forum for discussion of: new results and work in progress;
work aimed at a better understanding of the nature of continuations;
applications of continuations, and the relation of continuations to
other areas of logic and computer science.

Participants wishing to give short formal presentations are asked to
send a two-page abstract to danvy@cis.ksu.edu (using Unix commands
tarmail or uuencode).  Accepted formats are DVI and PostScript.  If
email submission is not possible, send 6 copies and a return mailing
address to Olivier Danvy, Department of Computing and Information
Sciences, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 66506, USA.  Deadline
for receipt of abstracts is December 3, 1991.

Abstracts will be judged on relevance, significance, correctness and
clarity.  Papers simultaneously submitted to other workshops,
conferences, and journals are not acceptable.

Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by January 31,
1992.  Final version of accepted papers must be received in
camera-ready form by April 2, 1992.  An informal proceedings will be
distributed at the workshop and will be available subsequently as a
Stanford technical report.  A special issue of the international
journal LISP and Symbolic Computation is planned that will contain a
selection of refereed versions of workshop papers.

General and program chair: Olivier Danvy, danvy@cis.ksu.edu
                           Carolyn L. Talcott, clt@sail.stanford.edu

Local arrangements: Stan Osborne, stan@ana.com

Program committee: Olivier Danvy (Kansas State University)
                   Matthias Felleisen (Rice University)
                   Daniel P. Friedman (Indiana University)
                   Tim Griffin (Bell Laboratories)
                   Bob Harper (Carnegie Mellon University)
                   Jon Riecke (University of Pennsylvania)
                   Carolyn L. Talcott (Stanford University)
                   Mitchell Wand (Northeastern University)